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Indian Classical Music - Intermediate Course

About The Course

Intermediate Course will cover with Bandish in new Ragas like  Raga Bhairvi, Raga Yaman, Raga Kedar, Raga Tilak Kaamod, Raga Bihaag, Raga Bhairav, Raga Alhaiya Bilawal, Raga Maalkaus, Raga Tilang, Raga Hameer, Raga Jaunpuri, Raga Patdeep, Raga Purvi, Raga Shankra, Raga Gaud Sarsng, Raga Vibhaas With Sathayi Alap, Antra Alap, Bol Alap & Taane. Will Introduce Vilambit or Bada Khayal. Includes Different Taal Like Teen Taal, Char Taal, Ek Taal, Jhap Taal, Rupak, Deepchandi, Tilwara, Teevra with Laikari (Dugun, Tigun, Chagun). You will learn Dhrupad, Dhamaar, Tarana, Thumri In ragas. You will also be taught how to bring stability in your singing. Huge practice for gamak riyaaz.


Topics Covered

BHAJAN (Semi Classical/Classical)
TARANA (With Laikari)
TAAL (Dugun, Tigun, Chaugun)


Course Duration

Duration of the course will be 1 to 2 years, while each class will be of one hour and ONE on ONE


Who should attend

Any one who is able to present Chota Khayal well, showcasing few spontaneous phrases of notes in the form of Swaravistar, Aalap Bol aalap and patterns of Taan.


Any one who has finished the Beginner course from Vocalite or any other place..


What you need to bring

A Notebook, a pen, Voice Recorder


Key Takeaways

Confidence in Singing, able to perform on stage Song, Gazal, Bhajan, Folk. You can participate in any leading competition.

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